Kaitlin Parry is a professional photographer specializing in Portraiture, Press Photos, Behind the Scenes, Live Concert, Live Action, Product, Edit/Retouching and Video Stills

I attended the New School in New York City, with a focus in Visual Arts. During my time at school, I found myself taking pictures of musicians, DJs and the underground raves and nightlife icons of NYC. I eventually landed at the Village Voice, followed by VICE and its offshoots Noisey and THUMP. I moved to Los Angeles in 2014, where I have expanded my repertoire to more commercial and studio work, along with accompanying multiple artists from the hip-hop and electronic worlds on tour as a live and behind-the-scenes photographer and videographer working with Bassnectar, Griz, Miguel and SIA. Additionally, I have worked as a full-time assistant and studio manager for Maybelline photographer Kenneth Willardt and famed Egoiste photographer Max Vadukul. The majority of my work at the moment is editorial, behind-the-scenes and press photos, as well as stills for music videos, commercials, documentaries and syndicated video content. Having done campaigns for Xerox, Ray Ban and Serato.